How to Prepare for IELTS Exam?

How to prepare for IELTS Exam?

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work learning from failure.” - General Colin Powell

IELTS Exam preparation is one of the key steps to move towards your dream to get International Qualifications. This test certifies the aspirant that he/she is proficient enough to use English as second language. It all depends from person to person capability how to prepare well and crack the test with good score/bands.

There are many factors that revolve around the IELTS test success score. Let it be –

  • How much candidate is friendly to the English as language to communicate with?
  • Depends on the vocabulary of the candidate.
  • How much candidate practices English as common language to speak and express.
  • Cultural Differences affects your English language accent and its deep understanding.
  • Other than this various factors affecting your IELTS Test Preparation. There are few things one should always keep in mind:

    • Well-understand the test format and formalities

      Candidate should research well for the test formats and the various processes such as eligibility, test attempts, registration/booking, fees structures etc. related to it. There should be complete understanding to the candidate that which type(IELTS Academics or IELTS General Test) of IELTS test he/she needs to choose and why? Know more at this at Types of IELTS test. Which organization to choose? i.e. IDP or British Council for IELTS test booking or registration. Know more in detail about this at Who conducts IELTS Exam ?= Get to know in detail that there are four sections of test - Speaking, Reading, Listening & Writing.

      • I. Speaking - This test section is generally decided by your test center when to organize. Generally one week before and after the other test. For the exam, IELTS expert from any country/locations arrives to take the test. This leads to change in the accent either British or American or Australian sometimes. Entirely depends upon the examiner. This is of around 11-14 minutes duration consisting of 3 sections.
      • II. Reading - This section involves long reading passages tasks. Test material is taken from various sources like books, journals and newspapers. It may include non-verbal/pictorial material like diagrams, graphs, charts, tables’ data or illustrations. It could be descriptive or factual data. It is comprises of 40 questions in 60 minutes.
      • III. Listening - This section involves four recorded monologues and conversations that you need to listen using headphones and later on you need to mark the answers based on what you listened. It is segregated in 4 section in 30 minutes.
      • IV. Writing - This section involves writing tasks. This may include summarizing, describing or explaining tabular data, graphs, charts or various diagrams. Also includes tasks like wring short essays of around 250 words. This section comprises 2 tasks in 60 minutes.
      Read more at IELTS Test Pattern

    • Choose an achievable goal

      Assess yourself! Take a mock test and solve it in the recommended time. Now analyze the result. That would be the most honest answer to your capability level of how well you are familiar with the English language. This is important step to know your goal to achieve and how much preparation one requires. Accordingly, choose the band score that need to achieve in the stipulated period of time. Get to know more detailed information about IELTS Results and Scores

    • Practice as many sample tests as possible

      As this is common belief “Practice makes the man perfect”, candidate need to continuously practice, practice and practice! Solving various mock tests. It would familiarize candidate for the >IELTS Exam pattern and testing environment. Important is to use accurate level of difficulty to do the practice for the test. You can find many sample tests providing websites such as:


    • Avoid Shortcuts and fast track preparations

      Candidate needs to avoid fast track sources to prepare tests if candidate is not well comfortable with the language. The beginner level candidate needs to prepare for the tests in detail. It would be best idea if they prefer some specialized coaching near their locations. For more help on this: visit - Find Best Discount on Education in Your City | SGNI.In or download SGNI app from Google play store.

      However, if the candidate belongs to English speaking native lands or already in the profession where is English is used as second language, those candidates might need Brush up classes and nothing more specialized.

    • Choose Online Resources and Study Materials

      Now days, internet is a good source of enhancing knowledge sitting anywhere and anytime. Candidate can avail guide from online course materials available such as <

      • The British Council
      • EngVid
      • IELTSLIZ
      • and many more.

      • Listen to various YouTube channels or other TV Channels like BBC, CNN or watch British movies

        Make use of free time, just search for the various online modes of `getting the knowledge of better vocabulary and become fluent in the language. There are few sources such as YouTube channels, News and sports , `Discovery channels or whatever is in your interest.

      • Use English in day-to-day routine

        Practice speaking the language every now and then with family and friends as that would be result in flying out the hesitation. Speak slowly and try to become fluent in the language.

      • Consider a preparation course through some IELTS Coaching Institute

        IELTS Coaching Institutes provides specialized training to the candidate. They tries to provide various prep solutions to the aspirants, facilitating its students with a great blend of infrastructure and scholarly teaching, this institute is revolutionizing the IELTS coaching. Their sturdy and focused classroom learning ensures the student is building an insightful and intellectual mindset. Study material & classroom policies are strategically analyzed in a harmony with the student feedback system. SGNI could help you more in this. You can visit the website: Find Best Discount On Education In Your City | SGNI.IN or download SGNI app from Google play store

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      • Plan the Registration for the exam

        Book your exam date in advance. As during the peak time, seats get booked earlier. Plan your visa process and accordingly plan to IELTS exam date. Make sure to be prepared well for the exam before appearing and make the grade.

      Ace the IELTS, All the Best!